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Trademark & Copyright

  • April 14, 2016


Intellectual property laws protect intangible assets to promote their cultivation and growth. Yet these laws, such as trademark and copyright law, require diligence in enforcement and registration.  Wallingford Law has experience with handling these important and often overlooked issues.

I. Trademark.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to forget about the importance of protecting their brand with the use of trademark filings.  These filings, along with trademark registrations, provide businesses with additional leverage and strength when faced with challenges.  When these issues fully manifest, they can be devastating to businesses that have worked tirelessly to promote and market their company.

Similarly, trademark registration is a vital step in the creation of brand recognition and the development of goodwill as marketable asset within a company.  For companies that rely upon the quality of their work, services and products for growth, trademark registration is a fundamental tool for growth.  For companies that aim to develop a stellar reputation, early trademark awareness and registration is also imperative.

II. Copyright.

Copyright law promotes creative thinking and its impact on our society is indelible. Protection of copyright interests through registration or other enforcement action is consistent with the progress of creative and scientific thinking.   Wallingford Law helps businesses and individuals with copyright interests in protecting these interests.